The Clover

real name: antonio pecori, stefano meucci and andrea giachetti
fields of interest: live | dj | producer
from: florence | italy

productions for klamauk°
klamauk 002 | the clover – sir slipper
klamauk 005 | the clover – whitening the cell

The Clover is a live and production passionate project born in Florence in 2006. The group is composed by two musicians/djs: Antonio Pecori, Stefano Meucci and a bass player Andrea Giachetti. The attempt is to produce a fresh tech-funk sound, housey and groovy, in between best west coast american house and techno cuts akufen style.
Their tracks are released on the French Ethique, and on the Italian Bosconi, Tenax and Sunplay. In the live set Antonio & Stefano control the two laptops while bass player Andrea warms it all up with his funky-house real bassline! Cut, clicks and effects realtime fill up the groove giving a fresh and surprising danceble appeal. The whole result is sunny and warm due to the good mixture of analog and digital.