Johannes Albert

real name: johannes albert
fields of interest: producer | dj
from: berlin | germany

productions for klamauk°
klamauk 008 | johannes albert – palm saturdays ep

this guy is always looking for a nasty & raw sounding hi-hat. this way you can call the ambition that johannes
albert follows thru all his life. coming from the beautiful area of lower franconia he got the joy of early house
education in the mid 90s. johannes followed in the footprints of his local heros that gave him the classic
knowledge of being a dj: great selection of music, variety, a smile in your eye, some technique hints, playing a
hit at the right time and last but not least: keeping the fun on the dancefloor.
his first fancy house tracks were released on white (berlin), stupendous (nyc) and deeper shades (la). The press
praised johannes’ first vinyl release ever as a “classic in the making“ and his track “people say” surely made it
into the playlist of your neighborhood-house-dj! starting his own imprint „frank music“ in the big city of berlin was
only the next step, releasing his own stuff as well as his mates music. his critically acclaimed debut album „hotel
novalis“ came in spring 2013 and in his own words it sounds like „nice-music-for-girls-driving-cars“. to be
followed by remixes from fred p, moomin & lauer. these days he also releases on retreat, d.ko, jack off, hip edits
and more labels. as a dj he’s quite around now as he regularly plays clubs like “wilde renate” in berlin, all over
the schnitzel country each and every week plus lots of gigs somewhere between paris and tokyo. you better „do
it“ right.