Michael Fluhr

real name: michael fluhr
fields of interest: producer | dj | art
from: mainz | germany

productions for klamauk°
klamauk 001 | just two ordinary people – prügelknabe
klamauk 004 | michael fluhr – ape shave

Ahhh anyways, let‘s focus on what I actually should be writing here, something about me, like how I got to produce music and maybe something about my passion for pixels. Of course, one of the first things that come to my mind is the overused phrase preluding almost every second musician‘s vita: „Music always has been his very passion … his main interest was making music from day one, or at least since his very early years …“ and so on … whatever, sounds like absolute bullshit, if you‘re asking me. I just don‘t want to read this crap everytime I look at anything written about any musician. I want to hear stories like: the one time when he fell from the sky, right through the roof of the Owner of the McDonald‘s chain, smashing straight on his head and by bouncing off it, receiving the divine gift of being the magnificent master of music. Yes, exactly, this is just how it happened to me! Actually – no. But it would definitely be cool. In my case, it was, let‘s say, just a bit more complicated and drawn-out. I must have been around 12 years old, back in the days, stealing a pack of SlimFast and selling it for unbeatable 20 Deutschmarks on the black market. My first invest on my „Tchibo Coffee Hohner-Guitar“. I know what you‘re thinking: what the hell has this got to do with anything like a biography? Well, nothing, just listen to my music, one shouldn‘t read the biography of a musician to decide if he likes the music.