Le K

real name: sylvain garcia
fields of interest: live | dj | producer
from: perpignan | france

productions for klamauk°
klamauk 001 | just two ordinary people – prügelknabe (le k remix)

Le K reps the holy trinity of today’s club landscape: instrumentalist/producer/DJ. Learning to play the guitar seemed to be a good way to fight the atrocities of puberty and listening to the recordings of zany Zappa, arsonist Hendrix, and the LSD-inspired cadence of Pink Floyd and George Clinton helped a bit, too. His first major electroshock came when he acquired a MS20 synthesizer by Korg and began to write short Electrotechnofolk (a genre of his own) with a friend under the intimidating name of Caribousex. Finally, the dawn of 2004 brought a home studio and a commitment to weird, tormented, bleepy twisted House and Techno productions on Force Inc, Circus Company, Mineral Music, Floppy Funk, Thema, MBF.