real name: tobias lorsbach
fields of interest: live | dj | producer
from: mainz | germany

productions for klamauk°
klamauk 001 | keinzweiter – mein klamauk
klamauk 005 | keinzweiter – the stomp

Tobias Lorsbach is a digitalfunk / minimaltechno / microhouse / ambient producer based in mainz/germany. Head of SpontanMusik and creator of projects like keinzweiter, elco park, jabba 44 , antiga prime or superlauncher he released and remixed on labels like Klang, Overdrive, Force inc, overX, 3D, Archipel, Superbike, Plex, Snork Enterprises, Produkt Schallplatten, Memoryformat, Subtropical, Kreatur-Musik, Tonimusic, Kubism, Minordust and finally spontanMusik.