Grifin aka Ass of Bass

real name: boris hervot dlutowski
fields of interest: producer | dj | live
from: paris | france

productions for klamauk°
klamauk 003 | grifin – up class

Grifin’ aka Boris Hervot Dlutowski is a music producer resulting from the Parisian commotion. He began music production creating hip hop instrumental loops from tapes cassettes ‘samples and outdated vinyl records. Thereafter, he joined artists’ collectives for the “IDM, Click’n cut & Ambient” project still existing today (whose name remains covert/ concealed). Since 2006, he began electro-minimal and micro-house productions, thus releasing digital EPs on Mischievous, Genesa & Miniatura. In 2007, he co-created Silicate label with Voiski and Thomas Bethmont.

In 2008, he started an impassioned cooperation with Pit Spector (one of the three stooges of Antislash), thus joining the following crews: Minibar, Salon records and Miniatura. Concurrently, he cooperated with Paulice (half of Minitura/Mischievous label) and Scalameriya for projects on Wreckless or Genesa. More recently the two rascals : Pit & Grifin’ have joined forces with Tilman (half of “Just two ordinary people”) for a “sensational micro-house” creation. To be continued…