real name: tilman schwarz
fields of interest: live | producer | dj
from: mainz | germany

productions for klamauk°
klamauk 001 | just two ordinary people – prügelknabe
klamauk 003 | tilman – oskar
klamauk 004 | cellule eat – william told
klamauk 007 | tilman – transmission ep

hello i am tilman.
i am a dj, producer and liveact and live in mainz.
i love samples, synths and drum machines. together with two friends we run the small house and techno label klamauk. i also released records on labels like maria colors, minibar, thema, tenderpark, charmin, spontanmusik, ears have eyes and others. i started making music around 2005. somehow i became a dj and since then i played in various clubs around europe.