Klamauk° 003

Frivolous – Candle-Light Ave: i was walking down the street while a dumb house cloud passed by. filling sadness twists the fort- coming in the cheeks, when disco comes across. bringing it all together. love.
Grifin – Up Class: monsieur tres grand sits some day to print some nuts, knocking constantly a deep groove when his maid comes in. disturbed, upset, but with class, he falls and breaks his sadness with floating. establishing his house.
Tilman – Oskar: 4 friends meet with greed. passing fists filled with swing, rolling downstairs bass. but soon the marching becomes synergy with crowds along side cheering blibs and bleebs. cut. lights on. dads home. Leif – Alphabetti: when little lisa got up at one in the morning an instant straight forward sound took her to the next best dance lesson. entering the room with sweat – joining the smooth-moves. lesson one: groove!

Artist: Frivolous, Grifin, Tilman, Leif
Title: V.A. Klamauk° 003
Cat.No: Klak 003
Format: 12’’ w/ Fullcover + Digital
Release Date: 01.10.2010
Distribution: Diamond & Pearls and Finetunes
Artwork: Michael Fluhr
The coverdesign is printed in black & white. Each cover has one of four colors, painted with acryl colors and two old bicycle tires.

A1 Frivolous – Candle-Light Ave
A2 Grifin – Up Class
B1 Tilman – Oskar
B2 Leif – Alphabetti

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