Cellule Eat

real name: boris hervot dlutowski, pierre deniel, tilman schwarz
fields of interest: live | producer
from: paris | france & mainz | germany

productions for klamauk°
klamauk 004 | cellule eat – william told

Cellule-Eat is born from the encounter and collaboration of two activists of the Paris house scene (Grifin’ & Pit Spector) with a german House fanatic (Tilman Schwarz). This collaborative project extending between studios in Paris and Mainz, provides its own version of Micro-house, avoiding the minimal autobahn and providing atypical, strong, warm and funky beats mangled with melodic samples and noisy glitches. Cellule-Eat’s sound perfectly fits the sonic identity of their new playground, the Paris-based label Minibar Music, and their very energetic live presence definitely deserves the title of ‘performance’ rather than ‘live act’ in the classical (aka boring) sense of the term.