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PREMIERE: Johannes Albert – Frentic Moment via Ransom Note

The snow was finally beginning to melt as icy droplets leaked down the side of the mountainside. The fields would grow again and the people of the hill would soon be rewarded with green plains and flowers amidst the breeze. The winter had seen them live through troubled times: the battered huts sat huddled on the face of the mountain, dislodged and beaten by the elements. The sun however, had risen, and this was the begging of the new chapter, a new moment.


Johannes Albert – Palm Saturdays EP (Klamauk 008) + Christopher Rau Remix

Klamauk are very pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Palm Saturdays EP by new label signing Johannes Albert. With his first release coming in 2010 on Oskar Offerman’s White, Johannes has been very busy since then with a string of EPs and one LP across some very exciting labels. Albert’s exceptional talent and sound made him an ideal partner to work with the label. And when you throw an excellent Christopher Rau remix into the equation, you end up with a very exciting EP indeed.

The 4 track EP kicks off with the warm and open groover of “Frentic Moment” which sets things up nicely. From here we move on to Christopher Rau’s remix which keeps some of the dreamy elements of the original but this time underpins everything with a jacking 808 rhythm workout. Over on the flipside Johannes brings the tempo down with “Lift Me Up Tight” which is a gorgeous, beatdown bubbler with pulsing organ stabs and half heard vocal samples. Last but not least we have “A Door I Only Opened Once” which again is a low tempo number but rather than the laid back feel of the previous track, this is brooding and intense.

Artist: Johannes Albert
Title: Palm Saturdays
Cat.No: Klak 008
Format: 12’’ w/ Fullcover + Digital
Release Date: 01.02.2016
Distribution: Diamond & Pearls and Finetunes
Artwork: Karsten Brommenschenkel

A1 Frentic Moment
A2 Frentic Moment (Christopher Rau remix)
B1 Lift Me Up Tight
B2 A Door I Only Opened Once

Tilman – Solid Steel Radio Show

Solid Steel in association with Serato (7th August) In Hour 2 it’s German producer Tilman who runs the Klamauk record label, which released an album by previous guest Roman Rauch and his own Transmission EP in May. His forthcoming releases will be on Charmin Records and a split EP with Chocky on Ears Have Eyes. Mike Huckaby, Lowtec, Fouk and Moodymann all feature and he had this to say about his mix;
“I recorded this mix in my damn hot studio under the roof and been thinking about the early hours in a house club – when the magic is going to build up and the people slowly prepare for a great night. These records are my old and present all-time favorites: deep and danceable. Just some lovely music for every kind of situation. I am feeling very honoured for getting the chance to record a mix for solid steel.”

Klamauk “too fast for love” presents YNK

Kulturclub Schon Schön, Mainz

Line Up:
YNK (Tenderpark / Polytone Recordings / Maria Colors)
Tilman (Klamauk / Tenderpark)
Michael Fluhr (Klamauk)
Kabe (Klamauk)

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Resident Advisor Event

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