Tom Ellis – The Cabin Fever Chapter (Full Podcast)

This is a personal bookmark at the end of a chapter, to capture my time living in the shadow of a mountain, and collate some of the reflections of my environment within the music i made here.

We all eventually become reflections of our environment. So it’s important to remember that we can, and sometimes need to, be the architects of those environments.

It’s time to move on again. Thank you and goodbye to the beautiful people who held and shook my hand throughout the experience. In the wise words of the trailer park boys, “We Can’t Call People Without Wings Angels So We Call Them Friends”.

01. ‘Untitled’ (Tom Ellis, Joe Ellis, Leif)
02. ‘Untitled’ (Tom Ellis, Leif)
03. ‘Hens With Benefits’ (Tom Ellis)
04. ‘Untitled’ (Tom Ellis, Leif)
05. ‘A Single Branch’ (Tom Ellis)
06. ‘Backlash’ (Tom Ellis, Jessie Grace, Mike Mason)
07. ‘Will It Ever End’ (Tom Ellis)
08. ‘Further Fever’ (Tom Ellis)
09. ‘Forever Dreamer’ (Tom Ellis)

(All tracks are currently unreleased. Limited to 100 downloads due to having a free account. Feel free to redistribute.)

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