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Klamauk at Planke Nord

Sep 10th

Open Air: Planke Nord, Mainz
Afterparty: Gebäude 27, Mainz

Line Up:
Roman Rauch (Secret Crunch / Klamauk / FACES)
Moony Me (Uncanny Valley / Secret Crunch / Klamauk)
Tilman (Klamauk / Fine / Charmin)
Michael Fluhr (Klamauk)

Facebook Event
Resident Advisor Event

“Too Fast For Love” Podcast

We finally managed to record the guest appearances on our “too fast for love” parties @ Kulturclub Schon Schön!

Tilman – Solid Steel Radio Show

Solid Steel in association with Serato (7th August) In Hour 2 it’s German producer Tilman who runs the Klamauk record label, which released an album by previous guest Roman Rauch and his own Transmission EP in May. His forthcoming releases will be on Charmin Records and a split EP with Chocky on Ears Have Eyes. Mike Huckaby, Lowtec, Fouk and Moodymann all feature and he had this to say about his mix;
“I recorded this mix in my damn hot studio under the roof and been thinking about the early hours in a house club – when the magic is going to build up and the people slowly prepare for a great night. These records are my old and present all-time favorites: deep and danceable. Just some lovely music for every kind of situation. I am feeling very honoured for getting the chance to record a mix for solid steel.”