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Klamauk at Planke Nord

Sep 10th

Open Air: Planke Nord, Mainz
Afterparty: Gebäude 27, Mainz

Line Up:
Roman Rauch (Secret Crunch / Klamauk / FACES)
Moony Me (Uncanny Valley / Secret Crunch / Klamauk)
Tilman (Klamauk / Fine / Charmin)
Michael Fluhr (Klamauk)

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Roman Rauch – Solid Steel Radio Show

Solid Steel (17th April) Our guest in Hour 1 is Austrian producer Roman Rauch. His debut album ‘Heliocentric’ is out on Klamauk and he serves up a mix starting with a nod to Coldcut and weaving through music from Mtume, The Roots, Kyle Hall, Greg Beato and Glenn Astro on the remix for Roman Rauch. He told us;
“Here’s a little mix I’ve done for Solid Steel going through some new bits and some all time favorites of mine recorded on 2 Technics, 2 cdjs and a Rane mixer. Feeling very honoured for being asked to record a mix for them, since i spent quite a part of my youth recording their weekly shows to tape. To say I’m a fan is a vast understatement. Hope you like the mix”.