Klamauk° 001

A totally versatile record with all the absurdity that I crave but rarely get to hear. 2 Thumbs up! A1 is a colourful rhythmical collage of all the same quirky clops and squeaks of some of my favourite Krikor records layered under plenty of absurd mechanics akin to a scene from a Dr. Seuss film.
 A2 (my favorite) breathes a healthy dose of texture over a shaking shuffle of dirty house percussion and cut-up instruments. Then it delves into a melodic structure that is so sadly uncommon in most club music these days. Absolutely Beautiful. This record will find a permanent home in my crate for this track alone. 
 B1 is a solid dance track with some of the same absurd tones of cut-up funk. The marching-band-esque rhythm on top of an essentially straight kick leaves this long-running track a little dry for my taste, but it would likely work on a dance-floor despite my particular taste.
 B2 Dives back into a melodic mood with a classy tip of the hat to UK electro-house bass-lines. Nice for a chill set.

Artists: Keinzweiter, Paradroid, Just Two Ordinary People, Le K
Title: V.A. Klamauk° 001
Cat.No: Klak 001
Format: 12’’ w/ Fullcover + Digital
Release Date: 01.12.2008
Distribution: Diamond & Pearls and Finetunes
Artwork: Michael Fluhr
The coverdesign is printed in black & white and then colored manually by the artists with waterproof thinliners.

A1 Just Two Ordinary People – Prügelknabe
A2 Paradroid – Splatter Funk
B1 Le K – Prügelknabe Remix
B2 Keinzweiter – Mein Klamauk

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