<p> klamauk 001 is the first "digital cover designer edition". Transferring the idea of uniquely colored covers from our limited vinyl edition - klamauk 001digital means not to generalize the coloring of our artwork. With the "digital cover designer" anybody can design, illustrate and colorize their own unique mp3 cover. Of course, with the original artwork, illustrations and painting method used on the vinyl cover. Creative output is shown in an online based gallery, then used projections at the klamauk events. Like in the upcoming first five physical releases, all following digital releases will have the cover designer automatically installed. design your own mp3 cover online www.klamauk.net/digital<br /><br /> KLAMAUK 001 A1 prügelknabe | just two ordinary people (michael fluhr & tilman schwarz) "prügelknabe" stamps and rolls over you right from the begining. then bringing in some "blips and bleeps", giving vocals a chance and wrapping up the funk pretty quick before sundown.<br /> A2 splatter funk | paradroid (max wendling) the name "splatter funk" equals the soon following programm. smooth tunes rewinding, purring quiete noise, squeezing the funk out of the intelligent soundcollage. suitable for lounging and clubbing.<br /> B1 prügelknabe rmx | le K (sylvain garcia) the "prügelknabe remix" is chopping drumsticks with rounding spanks. straight ahead - the weirdo trumpet. hand in hand racking up the original piano. when finally the violins meet dry speaking-pieces and rolling forward funk.<br /> B2 mein klamauk | keinzweiter (tobias lorsbach) keinzweiter plays stumbling frequencys, compiled with tiny screaming bits & bites of house. calm baselines, although marching, score pleased faces. groove with vegetables while the organs swing.<br /> liked by dave aju, big bully, jackmate, dave dk, john thomas, donk boys, paul frick, pierre, scott, frivolous, audio werner, floppyfunk, thema, phööptärt, kalabrese, le chien perdu, tom ellis </p>